• XXI century medicine is built on technological advances
    XXI century medicine is built on technological advances

    Histocell is a biopharmaceutical company developing Cell Therapy & Tissue Engineering products for Regenerative Medicine


  • Tissue Engineering
    Tissue Engineering

    Develop products to improve the quality of life of individuals, through biotechnology for human tissue engineering

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"Customised Products to Combat the Ageing"

ETORGAI: 2014-2014
Project number: ER-2014/00003


The ANTIAGE project aims at developing first and foremost two product lines (oral and topic application), based on natural active ingredients. Those ingredients are used to reduce the effects of ageing, which are often accelerated because of metabolic problems and disorders like diabetes, genetic diseases and Alzheimer's, since these factors have the highest impact on the ageing in present-today society.

The role of Histocell

Taking part in a project such as ANTIAGE is part of the interest of HISTOCELL in developing new products and broadening the therapeutic lines of the company. Thus, the creation of a new range of products will be searched through the adaptation of Histogel to the skin line in connection not only with the skin ageing, but also with ulcer prevention and treatment. Besides, Histocell is seeking to expand the field of activity of its therapeutic lines through the mix of molecules with different actions, created by the consortium, in order to act in synergy with cells in the ischemia treatment.

Project funded by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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