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State-of-the-art facilities in Spain

Histocell has aproximiately 2200 m2 fully equiped production facilities in Bizkaia, with its headquarters in the Science and Technology Park and its production plant in Larrabetzu.

Manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

  • Fully equiped production unit for advanced therapy medicinal products.
  • Certified by the Spanish Drug Agency (AEMPS) form 2011 for pan-European use.
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histocell factory

Medical devices and skin care products production plant

  • Modular clean rooms for flexible production.
  • Production of:
    Wharton Gel Complex

R&D and Quality Control Laboratories

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Cytofluorometry
    Histology Immunomarking
Histocell I+D

Histocell Headquarters

Parque Tecnológico 801A, 2º
48160 Derio
Bizkaia - Spain

+34 94 656 7900

Histocell Factory

Polígono Sasine. Patakon s/n
48195 Larrabetzu
Bizkaia - Spain

+34 94 656 7900

Our mision

We develop new advanced therapy medicinal products, medical devices and dermocosmetics to improve people's quality of life.

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